Town Hall

6525 CTH B
Two Rivers, WI 54241

Office Hours

By appointment only

Board Meetings

2nd Monday - 7:00PM
Meeting dates/times are subject to change.

Manitowoc County Dispatch


Recycling & Garbage

Trash & Recycling Center-For Town of Two Rivers Residents Only

Center Manager — Debbie Wachholz

Town Recycling Center

7070 Tannery Rd, Two Rivers

Normal Hours of operation:
Wednesday — 2pm — 6pm
 Saturday — 8am — 2pm

Trash bags can be purchased for $3.00 for a single 33 gallon bag or 2 for $5.00.

All recycling is free of charge, but everything that can be flattened, must be! Plastic, glass, tin cans, aluminum cans and cardboard must be sorted and deposited in the correct bin for that item.  We also periodically provide a free Freon Event, so you can properly dispose of items such as dehumidifiers and refrigerators. 
FREE FREON EVENT-will be held at the recycling center on Saturday November 4, 2023 from 8am to 2pm.   Bring any of your items that contain freon and drop them off for free (only on this date and between these times).  This is a service that the Town of Two Rivers is providing for our residents only.   Example of items would be old refrigerators, de-humidifiers and small room air conditIoners.

There is always an attendant who can help if you have any questions. This is a service that is very convenient for all who use it!